How to Care for your Topfoxx Jewelry

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As with every product we carry under our brand, quality is one of our top priorities. Our jewelries have been carefully crafted with top-of-the-line techniques by our seasoned jewelers who have mastered their art, just to give you the best pieces we can offer.


We put a prime on sustainability, which is why we use only 5-A grade Topfoxx cubic zirconia crystals for our designs. These gems are not mined, but provide the same shine, hardness and clarity as real precious stones. We feel there is no need to disturb Mother Earth when we create beautiful things—our products go beyond providing style and quality, as we make sure we always include responsibility to our only home. Our mission is to provide you with quality pieces while reducing the carbon footprint in the process.


We want to change the game—plated jewerly CAN be of superb quality, and we make that possible. With proprietary techniques to make our 14K gold-dipped sterling silver pieces, these can last a lifetime with proper maintenance. Gorgeous jewelry need not be sky-high expensive if made right.

With the right mix of high-caliber materials, exceptional techniques and well-thought of styles, we make beauty accessible, so you can build your collection of responsibly-made jewelry pieces.

How to take care of your Topfoxx Jewelry <3

While we pride ourselves on our brand’s quality pieces, longevity of gold-plated wearables can be extended with proper care from the owner.

Follow these tips to prolong the luster of your jewelry:


While wearing, avoid contact with the following:

  • Beauty products (such as perfume, cream and lotion) - wait until they are fully absorbed by your skin before wearing your jewelry.
  • Chemicals of any sort - nail polish, acetone, alcohol and other substances that may react and wear off the plating
  • Sweat- refrain from wearing your jewelry during physical activities such as sports
  • Water- make sure to remove your jewelry while you are swimming in the pool or in the sea


  • Wipe your piece after every wear with a dry, microfiber cloth to remove any dust or residue
  • If it has become very dirty after wearing (yes we know, it happens sometimes), make a lukewarm solution of water and mild soap; soak the jewelry then gently scrub with a soft brush. Make sure to wipe dry afterwards before keeping it


  • When you are not wearing your favorite piece, make sure to place it back in its box casing to protect it from scratches and external factors such as dust, moisture and heat

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