Our very own boss lady takes center stage! Meet Helen, Topfoxx owner and creative director. Looking to match her hustle? Scroll down to get the inside scoop on pulling off the ultimate CEO look (blue light glasses included) ❤️

Her personal productivity hacks include...
1) Setting 3 top priorities for the week. Goodbye to that endless to-do list, hello benchmark goals!

2) Taking frequent breaks! A little Twitter meme binge never did anybody any harm...

3) Keeping a PSL latte close by at all times (#caffeineaddict)
Wearing BL blockers and easing the digital strain! Perfect for keeping nagging headaches at bay and boosting your daily grind!

Struggling to look presentable for the last minute Zoom meeting? We’ve got you covered. This foxxy CEO recommends trendy blue light specs to pull of your #wfh ensemble in a giff. Pair em with a blazer, a red lip, and a confident attitude…(pajama bottoms optional 😉 ).

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