Your purchase matters—15% proceeds go to Food Bank for NYC


A few weeks ago, we set out on a mission to give back to our local community in times of desperate need. And now we’re here to say THANK YOU. We’ve raised $8,000 for the Food Bank of NYC, which means 40,060 meals donated! We couldn’t have done it without your help and constant support. This truly was a collective effort, and a testament to how much we can accomplish when we join forces <3 We’re so grateful to be able to help out and nourish our neighbors during these trying times. 

As we too are a small business, (an 8-women team, to be exact) we know how far a lending hand can go during these tough times. And as a New York native myself, I’m beyond grateful that we were able to do our part to take care of NYC, my home- This wouldn’t have been possible without each and every individual collaboration.8,000 dollars and 40,060 meals later, we did it babe!!


Hey there, Helen here—founder and owner of Topfoxx. With the current pandemic situation, we’re all approaching a new normal; Unfortunately for some, their normal is already hard enough as it is. We’re talking about our neighbors who are at-risk and needing our help the most during this challenging period. Being in this situation, a lot of people’s natural response in our city is to reach out with a helping hand, and that’s one thing I’m proud of being a New Yorker.

Even as a small, women-run company, it’s only part of our core to give aid and do the best we can. As part of our efforts during this time, we’ve decided to partner up with the Food Bank for New York City and give 15% of our proceeds from all our collections to their cause. This non-profit organization’s aim is to help out our communities who are struggling the most to feed themselves and their families, being hardest hit by the economic turndown from this lockdown. 

Here are the reasons why we chose to advocate the Food Bank for New York City:

Half of NYC residents are worried about how they will eat

a recent New York Times poll revealed this alarming concern, which needs to be addressed now more than ever during this pandemic

Targets communities most in need 

these are the low-income and at-risk residents who are senior citizens, pregnant women, children and those who just can’t afford to spend on a meal. This also includes our health workers and frontliners

They provide fresh quality, nutritious food 

beyond just saying they provide food, they actually make the effort to ensure that what is being donated are healthy meals we eat ourselves

$1 donated = 5 Meals


Know that your purchases aren’t just simple retail joys—they’re actually meant to support our brothers and sisters in this time of dire need.

Stay safe and healthy loves, always take care and know that you have us and a community of bossbabes to support you, in any situation. <3


Helen Getts

Founder, Topfoxx Inc.

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