Care Instructions ūüíĚ

How to take care of your new sunnies¬†ūüėé

Cleaning instructions

    • Only use a clean cotton cloth or microfiber towel to clean them.¬†
      • Do not use paper towels, your shirt, or any other material as it can cause scratches on your lenses.¬†

    • Rinse your sunnies with room temperature water before wiping the lenses with a cloth, especially after a day at the beach.
      • Your sunglasses could have abrasive particles on the surface, and you could potentially damage the surface of the lenses if you do not rinse them before wiping them.¬†
      • If you are not able to rinse your sunglasses, you can use a clean microfiber cloth to clean them.¬†
        • It‚Äôs important that you use a microfiber cloth that you clean regularly and store somewhere free of dust, sand, salt and other abrasive particles that could affect the quality of your lenses.¬†

      • Do not use household cleaners to clean your sunglasses
        • This includes but is not limited to window cleaner, alcohol, acetone, or mineral spirits
          • These products have harsh chemicals, not intended to be used on your eyewear, and will ruin the lenses and the frame
          • If you use store bought lens cleaners, make sure they do not contain alcohol, as this will cause cracks to develop on the lenses.¬†

    • If the lenses have grease or an oily, smeared coating on them, you can clean them by dabbing a pea sized drop of liquid dish soap on each lens and using your fingers to spread it evenly on the front and back of the lens, then rinsing off with warm, not hot, water. Do not use your fingers to remove the soap to prevent further smudging, the running water will remove the soap.
      • Once you have successfully removed the oil, gently shake the water off your lenses, or you can also use a can of compressed air to remove remaining water droplets.

      • Do not wear this product on your head, only on your face.¬†
        • Doing this can cause pressure to the screws in the hinge and strip the threading. Over time this will cause the temples to become loose and the sunglasses to slip off your face.¬†
        • Doing this can also cause you to accidentally drop them as they are not sitting securely on your face.¬†

    • Do not leave your sunnies in your hot or freezing car, even if you‚Äôre parked in the shade or your garage for a few minutes or if the temperature outside is tolerable. Just put them in the case and take them with you!
      • Extreme temperatures can cause the frame in some styles to develop a yellow/orange tint,¬†
      • The mirror finish on some styles will be damaged, and can even cause the lenses to crack.¬†
      • Your frames will warp, even if it‚Äôs not obvious, and the lenses will pop out, and the arms will also become loose and/or snap off. This is caused by the reaction of the material in the frames to the temperature it‚Äôs exposed to, causing changes in the shape of the frame and in the quality of the lens.
      • The metal decorative accents will start to expand and/or contract and cause visible staining on these parts.

    • If you rinse them, or get them wet, make sure to thoroughly pat them dry with a clean cotton cloth or microfiber towel.

    Storing your sunglasses

    Never place unprotected eyewear in your purse, backpack, car, or anywhere, where it will be floating around with other things that can cause scratches.
      • For the best protection, you can store your eyewear in a hard case when not in use.¬†
        • If you‚Äôre using a case, not purchased from Topfoxx, make sure the glasses fit properly in the case and are not squeezed into a tight fitting case. This can cause the frames to bend and not fit you properly.¬†
        • If you do not have a hard case, make sure you use the soft leather pouch to prevent abrasive particles from collecting on the surface of your eyewear, and scratches from random things that it may come into contact with.¬†
          • Remember to always be extra careful when removing your sunnies from this pouch in case one of the temples gets snagged. If you force the sunglasses out of the pouch, it will damage your eyewear.¬†
        • If you have no case, make sure you fold the temples, and place the sunglasses somewhere, where they will not be stepped on, sat on, crushed or¬† dropped.¬†
          • Make sure the lenses are always facing up to prevent scratches to the surface.

        • Do not store your sunnies where they will be exposed to extreme temperatures.¬†
          • This includes but is not limited to:
            • The trunk of your car, even if they‚Äôre in a suitcase, or a box
            • The glove compartment in your car
            • The designated sunglasses holder in your car. This does not protect your sunglasses from the temperature.¬†

      • Do not hang your sunnies on your shirt
        • You could snag them or drop them