Everything we create here is “not for your average girl”

What we mean by this is there is no average girl, we are all so different and unique and should EMBRACE and LOVE that about ourselves!

We should know having a small diverse women leading team. ♥


Get to know some of the dedicated team-members behind TOPFOXX

Working hard on making your favorite sunnies with love ♥ from New York City!

PR Manager

Priscilla Manzo

Born & raised in Cali, she seeked for an adventure so packed her bags and moved 2000 miles to NYC. Passionate about giving back to her communtiy. Obsessed with her 2 doggies and anything fluffy!

Favorite Food: Tacos
Favorite Sunnies: Matrix in White
Favorite Movie: Anything Disney!

Creative Directior

Helen Getts

In school was extremely good in Math & Science, but probably the worst speller in the world. Self-taught marketer, photographer and makeup artist. Is either super serious in the office or constantly making jokes, there is no in between!

Favorite Food: Lagman Soup
Favorite Sunnies: Candy in Black
Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings

Social Media Manager

Denise Rebolli

Is a bookworm and a movie buff with a degree in Psychology. A self-starter who tried her hand at freelance writing and later developed a passion for digital marketing. Gets inspired by anything vintage and spontaneous adventures.

Favorite Food: Pasta
Favorite Sunnies: Matrix in Tan
Favorite Movie: Midnight in Paris

Web Developer

Mary Jane Lim

Hardworking mother. Loves her daughter soo much! Has a 1 book a month habit. Degree in Information Technology. She [supposedly] bakes 30min brownies in 15 min. Often sleeps and when she does, it's in a chair. Once had a cat named 'woofy'.

Favorite Food: Korean BBQ
Favorite Sunnies: Future Wife in Black
Favorite Movie: Snatch

Started in 2015, with only 10,000 followers on Instagram, we quickly grew to over 270,000+ followers because of our bold designs and loving customers. We are so honored to have an amazing community of empowering women!

We LOVE our customers! ♥

Tag us in your photos @TOPFOXX & #TOPFOXX for us to see your bold statements and be featured on our page


Check out our new sunnies with a good cause

Even as a small growing start-up we are taking steps toward a mission we understand and believe in because it hits so close to home.

In collaboration & started by our passionate PR manager, Priscilla Manzo, we are donating 15% of proceeds to Project Paz an organization that helps latino children in need thrive in their community & while in immigration shelters.

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