In this digital age, children are becoming more and more reliant on electronic
devices. In fact, recent studies have shown that kids are spending up to 30% of
their waking hours in front of a digital screen. Constant exposure to blue light emitted
by these devices might be causing negative side effects on children’s health.

  • Visual Problems

    Children’s eyes have an underdeveloped pigment that helps filter out strong light rays. This means that compared to adults, they may have a higher risk for retinal damage since their maturing eyes allow more blue light to reach the retina. Over time, increased exposure to blue light may even lead to macular degeneration and gradual loss of vision.

  • Too much screen time can result in:
  • Lack of Sleep

    Because blue light supresses melatonin levels, the more time kids spend in front of a digital screen, the more difficult it is for them to sleep at night. When kids lack the recommended amount of sleep for their age, they suffer from a variety of problems including poor memory, mood swings, and difficulty concentrating.

    Research shows that sleep-deprived children are more likely to develop behavioral problems such as hyperactivity or aggressiveness. Young children, in particular, who lack sleep tend to have issues with problem-solving and attention which can in turn affect their performance in school.

  • Designed with Play in Mind
    Anti-Blue Light Glasses for Kids

    In this new and rapidly growing digital world, we are not yet 100% sure of the side effects digital screens will have on children's eye health. However, it does not hurt to take precaution and we encourage parents to protect their child from the harmful blue light rays and reduce the negative impacts by blocking it with our kids collection of anti-blue light glasses designed just for them.

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